Our Background

Mkwaju Furniture was established following the rising need to provide quality and affordable furniture together with a passion-driven attitude from one of the directors, who has a solid background on craftsmanship. We acknowledge the importance of delivering quality, customized products to suite our clients’ needs as well as rendering professional services. We have mastered the art for the past 14 years. We believe in proper craftsmanship and give quality assurance on all our products.


Our fourteen years of experience in this industry empowers us with the much needed knowledge and skills, to always deliver beyond expectations. We have been able to master the trade and with our constant improvements, we are able to provide the best and the highest quality products, unmatched within our region. Our ideas have turned into a passion, motivation to be the best and always driven to produce high quality products.

Lavin Dining Set
Arla upholsred bed


To be the best in providing quality customized furniture to our clients in East Africa.


Our strategy for the next two years is to work with architects, contractors and other real estate professionals to tap into the real estate sector by providing high end interior finishes and quality furniture.

Quality Assurance

Our products are made from the finest quality material available in the market. We advise our clients on the best wood to be used for different products, design layout as well as the end product. We always ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards.


Managing Director




Workshop Manager


Our team comprises of individuals with a passion for design and over the fourteen years, not surprisingly, our team has generated an impressive knowledge base and understanding of classic and modern furniture designs.

We understand that the market is saturated with furniture outlets and often-common copycat designs. Thus we take our time to ensure our customers get the best quality products with a uniqueness that is unmatched within East Africa.

Made For You

Mkwaju Furniture’s continued inspiration comes from our customers appeal for quality products. Every item is crafted from start and hand finished in our own workshop. Our beautiful designs are sleek with sophistication to inspire modern designs that are timeless to any kind of home. We always employ high levels of hand finishing, giving superb quality to our end products with nothing but style, quality, durability and timeless appeal.

“We have been in the furniture making business for fourteen years. Over time we have mastered perfection with neat precision in our designs.

With your idea and our expertise, we will make your dream furniture become a reality.”

In every of our designs these three standards have to be met.




“As the saying goes, “design is within our reach”. At Mkwaju we strive to match the aesthetic glory of some of the iconic classic designs that have shaped the history of furniture designs from simple ideas to timeless masterpieces.”

Feel free to reach us to discuss your ideas and how we can help to bring them to fruition. We also have an impressive inventory of finished furniture designs, check into our Online Showroom